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NC Golf Car Sales, Parts, and Service. Authorized Club Car Dealer. Sandling Golf Cars

Sandling Golf Cars Inc. recommends that you have your golf cart serviced every year, or more often
depending on the level of use. We have a full service shop that can handle all your service needs. Please
call for a service appointment and pricing.

Daily: Charge your cart if you have used it.
Weekly: Check the electrolyte level in batteries and add water as necessary, preferably after charging.

Monthly: Wash battery tops and clean terminals.
Check air pressure in tires and add air if needed (4 ply tires – 18-20 psi, 6 ply tires – 30- 34 psi)

Check for cracks or other damage in the potentiometer (“pot box”). Make sure switch is securely
fastened to frame. Check movable contact for correct operation.
Wash battery compartment and underside of vehicle.


Check brake shoes and replace if necessary.
Lubricate brake slides. (Dry moly lube – 1012151)
Lubricate brake pedal shaft bearings. (Dry moly lube – 1012151)

Lubricate brake linkage and pivots. (Dry moly lube – 1012151)
Lubricate F&R switch contacts and charger receptacle (WD40)
Lubricate front suspension (5 fittings) with chassis lube EP NLGI Grade 2.
Check brake cables for damage and replace if necessary.
Check electrical wiring for tightness and damage.
Check condition of contacts and wire connections on F & R switch.

Check front wheel alignment and camber and adjust if needed.


Check and fill transaxle to plug level (22 oz. SAE 30 Wt.).
Inspect front wheel bearings and repack as necessary (chassis lube EP NLGI Grade 2).